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Meet Our Program Managers

The On-line Volunteering program is a division of TakingITGlobal's Online and Multilingual communities. For questions, comments, or partnership requests, please send an email to the appropriate Program Manager:

  • Scott Zoltok
    Online Community Volunteer Management Assistant

    Hello! I am a young professional gaining experience in education and community development. I have a cumulative year of experience working internationally, and 3 years of experience working across cultures, in education projects and initiatives, and in community development and social justice. I'm starting an MA in Adult Education and Community Development in the fall, at OISE. I currently work for the YMCA, coordinating their Summer Work Student Exchange program in Toronto, a summer work opportunity for high school students. Outside of work, I read, run, play sports, bike around, eat a lot, watch HBO shows, and volunteer.

  • Tih Felix
    Global Issues Managing Coordinator

    Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon but Bamessing is my hometown. Have background in Law and Strategic Communication, currently studying a master in International Law. On TIG since 2007 and Online Volunteer since 2011. Founder of Human Rights Dialogue Center which is engaged on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity. My Passion is Freedom, Justice and Human Rights. I like freelancing on strategic communication, Human Rights and Justice. I like traveling, music, walking and hiking.

  • Jonathan Tang
    Global Issues Managing Coordinator

    I'm a carefree guy who likes to dabble in a variety of interests. I'll admit, I get bored easily unless what I'm doing interests me, but fortunately volunteering for TIG is something that does in fact interest me. I am currently a university student at Western University, a fairly large school located in Canada. In my spare time, I like to browse popular websites like reddit, which admittedly is one of my valued sources of global news and happenings around the world. I am also a sports fanatic, and I like to watch, analyze and play nearly every sport. If I had to pick one global issue to resolve, it would be to eliminate food shortages and hunger throughout the world. I am not a very religious person, but I do believe that whoever or whatever made us as humans had intended that we all be properly nourished. The worst part is that there are enough resources to make it happen even today.

  • Abhijith Jayanthi
    Global Issues Managing Coordinator

    Abhijith is currently an undergraduate student at the IIT Delhi, India. He holds a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from the National Institute of Labour Education and Management, India. Abhijith is involved with TakingITGlobal as Work and Economics Editor, Understanding the Issues and also as Events and Open Forums Editor for TakingITGlobal. He has been actively involved with youth issues particularly like unemployment, entrepreneurship, human rights, and the potential use of technology for the greater good. Abhijith strongly advocates that youth possess potential that should be tapped to create a greater impact for the cause.

  • maryam habib
    Global Issues Managing Coordinator

    My name is Maryam Habib . I am from Pakistan. I joined TIG as online volunteer in last summers july 2012. I My religion Islam inspires me a lot as it have all the solutions and explainations which we young people need and I love nature and nature inspires me a lot because its what in which we live. I am committed to exploration of the principles that invite balance and presence in each moment and enjoy the overall improved health of body, mind and spirit. At other times you may find me enjoying walks in the surrounding hills , parks and mountains. I hold a deep respect for the grace of our natural environment and find inspiration for my practice there. I love my environment and want it to be natural then artificial. and I really want to save it. I am a student and right now doing my M. phil research in applied environmental Sciences, environmentalist and a social worker. I always want to do something related to environment which saves it from destroying. I have done a lot of my work related to Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A), Disaster management, Environmental Education, Climate change, Pollution and environmental Health. A good leader always care for others do his best for community, society and the world at large and motivate others to follow his footsteps to work for the betterment of the world. A good leader can make up world or it can destroy all. TIG is a very good organization for the youths. That why I have joined this organization. TIG like organizations is essential for the youths to share their views and give them an opportunity to know the global issues and help them to become a good citizen of the world and to make their work professional.


"When I got involved with TIG I wanted to start a project in my country but I had no idea how to make the first step. My experience as a TIG as on-line volunteer was amazing because it helped me expand my network and I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world who inspired me with their life stories and actions in their local communities. Also, I was able to get in touch with people from my city to launch a project that continues to this day."

– Paulo