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About Us

TakingITGlobal is a collaborative learning community that brings together young leaders, youth organizations and educators from all corners of the world. Founded by Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, TakingITGlobal's story a true testament to the power of youth and the impact their vision can have in contributing to a world where change is synonymous with personal growth and social innovation. As early as 1999, the TakingITGlobal On-line Community was envisioned as a space to foster inspiration, information and youth involvement through a pioneering approach that combines cutting-edge technology tools with a strong vision for social change. From a small organization with a small volunteer staff, TakingITGlobal rapidly grew into a prominent youth organization with over 230,000 members around the world and has since been "inspiring, informing and involving" international young leaders and social entrepreneurs alike. For more information, read a brief history and timeline of milestones.

About TIG's On-line Volunteering Program

The success of TakingITGlobal is deeply linked to a culture of volunteerism and intercultural dialogue. Placed at the intersection of three global trends, TakingITGlobal harnesses the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance and celebrate the demographic force of young people in addressing global challenges demanding global solutions. Relying on the support and vision of dedicated on-line volunteers, our teams are composed of over 150 passionate young leaders coming from all corners of the world. Our volunteers play an important role in community content management and development, allowing for the aggregation and translation of global content, the animation of our diverse dynamic platforms and the facilitation of connections between youth.

The On-line Volunteering community is divided into two main teams:


1 Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who wants to donate their time and skills for a cause. Working without financial renumerations, volunteers typically join an organization they admire to contribute to its growth, or join a campaign or project because they strongly believe in a cause and want to play a role in affecting its outcomes.

2 Do I need to travel to TIG's headquarters to volunteer?

You do not need to travel to Toronto, Canada to be a TakingITGlobal volunteer. All of our volunteering tasks are performed on-line, and our team meetings and team communication take place through Internet-based technologies such as TIG's Group page.

3 What will my role and responsibilities be?

Your roles and responsibilities will vary depending on the position and the team you wish to volunteer for. In general, volunteers work between 3-5 hours a week over the period of six months (a "term"). For more information about specific roles and responsibilities, please visit our Get Involved section.

4 Are there any set times for volunteering?

There are no set times for volunteering—you will have a flexible schedule and can focus on topics and content that also match your interests. At times you may be asked to focus on more specific tasks or to submit work by a certain deadline, depending on need, but we strive to ensure that your experience with TIG is as rewarding and interesting as possible for you.

5 How are teams structured?

As an On-line Volunteer, you will be working with a team of energetic and dedicated young leaders coming from all corners of the world. Our On-line Community and Multilingual teams are all divided by area of focus (e.g. Community, Resources, etc.) or languages (e.g. Spanish, Chinese, etc.). You will be supported bya Coordinator as well as by the TakingITGlobal staff in Toronto.

6 What tools and skills do I need to volunteer?

There are several skills required to volunteer with TakingITGlobal:

  • ability to write and read English fluently (and, if you are volunteering for Multilingual, a "target" language, too)
  • ability to work in a collaborative and virtual context
  • access to a stable Internet connection
  • a TakingITGlobal account
  • 3-5 hours a week available for a period of 6 months (with possibility of renewal)
  • interest or background in current affairs, the environment, international issues or human rights, with particular interest in youth engagement and information and communications technologies is considered an asset
  • good knowledge of the TakingITGlobal platform is an asset
  • good knowledge of ICTs and TIG's on-line tools is considered an asset
7 What if I do not have regular access to the Internet?

Our on-line volunteering program relies almost exclusively on the Internet, so to be considered an "on-line volunteer" you will need regular access to the Internet. However, if you have occasional access to the Internet and would still like to contribute, there are many ways for you to help out! The best way is to visit our sitemap to get an idea of the many ways in which you can submit content and interact with other members. Alternatively, you may also apply to become an "episodic volunteer", helping TIG with ad-hoc projects when need be.

8 Why volunteer with TakingITGlobal?
  • Being a TIG on-line volunteer is a great opportunity for you to play a role in "inspiring, informing and involving" other young people, particularly as you help to expand the networking possibilities and opportunities for engagement in your Region;
  • The staff at TakingITGlobal encompass a broad range of skills including various types of web development, design, marketing, evaluation and surveys, fundraising, writing, editing and strategy. The organization provides a good platform to improve and learn new skills due to the varied range of projects and the opportunity to learn from others;
  • TakingITGlobal has a strong international reputation within the NGO, non-profit and charity sectors and this reputation is growing. Experience at TakingITGlobal will be respected by future employers and TakingITGlobal's collaborative nature means volunteers may grow a solid professional network and gain experience vital for future job opportunities;
  • TakingITGlobal is a young, vibrant and positive work environment! As part of a youth-led, youth-focused organization you will be working amongst peers in a collaborative structure. Although head-quartered in Toronto, TakingITGlobal is an international organization and you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues from all parts of the world;
  • TakingITGlobal's mission is essentially altruistic, and team members have the opportunity to put their skills and energy to work for a "good cause". Volunteers can get a thrill out of the "cutting edge" nature of TakingITGlobal's work, the clear growth in our reach and the positive feedback provided by members and partners;
  • At TakingITGlobal, we value and acknowledge the work of our volunteers, particularly through our TIGStar Monthly Award, our Volunteer Lounge (a networking and resource-sharing space exclusive to on-line volunteers) and by sharing information about exciting opportunities and events happening around the world.
9 How do I apply?

See our available online volunteer opportunities.

Already a volunteer? Log in to the Online Volunteer Lounge!